The Tale Untold

Slowly I slip towards the veil in my final frailty, no longer fearful. Afloat in peace and love, my dearest friends and family nearby, clarity returns and I shiver a little. This plain, windowless and comfortable room feels crowded by others who drift silently in through the walls as if to bear witness.

I wonder what they are. And a terrible question washes through me like an echo of sorrow. Are these the unwritten tales, untold stories & undrawn, unpainted pictures stuck within me? Unseen, unknown and never made, they will be lost with me.

A wave of angry regret washes over me as relive my excuses. Waiting until I felt ready, until I was in the mood, until I had the time. The strangling creepers of doubt and fear I allowed to hold me back. My gifts unused or perhaps misused. Knowing, but failing to understand, creation wanted to play me as an instrument. And the little me, too fearful, too stubborn and too uncomfortable to surrender to the song that was to be sung through me. And now no time at all.

All those wasted years trying to find my purpose, my passion. Looking in the wrong places. I want to cry, to yell, to rage at myself as the room grows brighter, a greater peace and calm washes it all away. Love holds me and shows me the truth I need to see. Not the shades of unwritten things but the hearts untouched. Faces both familiar and strange gaze gently at me. An audience waiting to listen.

Brightness rises within me to fill the room, bliss overwhelming as the veil parts to show me what comes next. I hear whispers as a last massive smile spreads over my face. The time has come and the audience awaits.