I’ve just listened to my heart after deciding to ‘just write’. While reading the latest edition of Writers Forum magazine I came across an online course by Neil Gaiman. And it slapped me in the face – “I need to do this!”. A writer who I’ve admired for a long time; from the Sandman graphic novels, through his books ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane’ and then adaptation to the big screen ‘Stardust’ and then the small screen ‘American Gods’ .

So I looked at the cost £90 and thought ‘no-brainer‘ for a course by one of my favourite writers. Then, as usual, I looked at my bank balance…my bills and thought ‘I can’t afford it right now’.  With my Mr Lack head on (think Worzel Gummidge) I gave a shrug and decided it would have to wait.

However, my heart wasn’t impressed and demanded I take off Mr Lack and put on Mr Abundance instead. So I did, I chose not to focus on the scarcity thoughts and just allow that somehow, because my heart wanted this so obviously, that it would happen. I didn’t tyr to figure out how or when. I just knew in that moment, you could say I belived if you like, that this was something I just had to do. No matter what.

And it happened just like magic. I received £90, in cash, from an unexpected source and after a moments hesitation*, I deposited it in the bank and came straight home to enrol and begin the course. I’ve just watched about half an hours worth and my heart was so right! I need this. It’s like oxygen. It’s like waking up inside a dream and realising it was real all along. I can only describe it as watching the best movie ever about the subject you most love.

To say I am excited is an understatement. This is the fuel I needed for my rocket. As the man says “To Ininty and Beyond”.





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